TMI and our approach to marketing

Here at TMI we don’t necessarily try to do things differently, however, with our in-house talent and skillset, I’ve come to the realisation that this is not a normal agency, and neither is our approach to digital marketing.

TMI’s digital offering is based on a number of disciplines and tools, but there are two simple cornerstones on which I believe the agency is built. Before we look at those, the departments that make up TMI are:


  • Earned (Content Marketing, SEO and Design)
  • Data and Display
  • Media Strategy and Buying
  • Paid Digital and Social


One of the biggest challenges as an agency is to get everyone both clients and staff on the same page, and that’s why I believe the three following cores we’re building TMI around are invaluable.

Integration and Collaboration

At TMI we have a knowledge sharing culture, meaning we work together, closely. This covers more than just a single department or discipline. Besides working closely across numerous departments, we also work closely with our clients. From hotdesking in their offices, to upskilling internal marketing teams in the latest digital trends and techniques, we don’t keep our knowledge to ourselves we share it.

This is because we’ve realised that an educated and up-to-date client is a client that not only understands more of how and why we do the things we do, but it helps them see the bigger holistic picture. This results in the fact that they can truly see the value for their money, while tracking digital growth, instead of being fed numerous indecipherable numbers, monikers and measurement metrics.


“Digital technologies that we use in the agency, give us a wealth of valuable insights that we use across the board for our clients’ benefit. These data insights ensure that we are always introducing innovative strategies, both to our digital optimisations and media buying. Being able to measure our offline media influences via online touch points is invaluable in ensuring our clients’ marketing success.”

– Pete Brooke-Sumner

I can hear you sitting there saying “Yes Rick, all digital agencies use data!” and you would be 100% correct. That being said, with the array of tools and technology at our disposal, even our earned and media buying side of the business has visibility into the data available ……and as an agency we use this data to make enhanced content and media buying decisions. We merge

Ever thought that there is no way to track and possibly even predict Google rankings? Well, we’re working on it. We’re already able to track numerous metrics around our earned offering through the tools our paid side uses and that again speaks to our collaborative approach to helping our clients reach their online goals and targets.

On those building blocks, as well as a vibrant office, and with an eye to the future, I firmly believe that the way we do things here at TMI will become the industry norm over the coming years.

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